The story ~

of beauty

At Nine Peahen, our name is steeped in enchantment, drawn from a captivating fairytale. Picture this – nine peahens feasting on golden apples from the mystical tree, and the ninth, transforming into a stunning maiden.

Our journey

Our journey commenced with an unwavering passion for skincare, driven by a commitment to excellence. Through extensive research, we delved into discovering the most effective ingredients, meticulously formulating products with a keen focus on sensitive skin. Our dedication extends to crafting exceptional skincare for both your face and body.

Since 2023



Embark with us on this magical voyage, where the tale of beauty, sensitivity, and dedication unfolds in every product we create. Welcome to Nine Peahen, where skincare is a celebration of enchanting stories and exceptional ingredients.


Only natural ingredients

In developing our products, we use the best that ~ nature has ~ to offer and through the latest technology, transform it into luxurious formulas.